Air Stapling Gun


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Stapling Gun 80/16 (12.8mm)
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Stapling Gun 80/16 (12.8mm)
Large stapler. Ideal for fixing leather, insulating boards and light wood boards.
Stapling Gun 80/16 (12.8mm)
FINI’S powerful, heavy duty pneumatic staple gun is perfect for many timber tasks.
This fast operating and efficient pneumatic gun delivers up to 100 staples per minute.
Ideal for upholstery, carpet laying, packaging, carpet laying and any task involving upholstery and numerous wood-working tasks or in the workshop etc. The comprehensive kit includes safety goggles, 2 hex keys,

Pressure = 4 bar / 58 psi
Volume =    12.3 litres per stoke
BSP inlet = 1/4
Weight =    0.8 kg / 1.76 lbs

Safety Notes

Never aim the riveter at yourself or any person.

Do not forget to disconnect air before changing rivet nose

Never exceed rated pressure

Keep out of reach of children