Easy Spray – Spraying Unit


 Model  Spraymate  Motor  1100 Watts
 Voltage  220-240 Volt  Turbine Stages  2
 Air Hose  3 metre  Spray Set Up  1.8 mm
 HxWxD  30x36x19 cm  Price  €99.00
 Weight  4.00 KG

Product Description

All Apollo HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) paint sprayers are supplied to you in a neat, compact package including the turbine power unit, air hose and spray gun. Turbines are oil free and need no regular mainteneance, just a filter change from time to time.  Simplicity itself to use, you do not require any special skills to achieve that perfect finish.

Designed for the semi professional, the extra power of the turbine gives an enhanced finish and faster application.  The high quality 5 metre air hose and aluminum hose connectors make this a rugged spray unit for on site or workshop use. It incorporates a tough all steel powder coated turbine unit to handle everyday knocks.

Lightweight, compact and portable, this system utilises a high efficiency
turbine requiring no compressor and is capable of spraying most types of
coating cleanly, easily and without wastage.
Complete with the all new and improved ‘Hobby Plus’ spraygun featuring
smooth trigger action and precision machined metal air cap, the SprayMaster
is equally capable in your garage, the workshop or in your home.
Designed for the semi professional, the extra power of the turbine will give you an
enhanced finish.

System Features:
• Ease of use
• Reduced overspray
• High efficiency turbines
• Easy cleaning
• Rated for continous running – will paint spray all day without waiting for air pressure
to build up
Spray gun features:
• Smooth trigger action for ease of use
• Precision machined metal aircap for fine control and high quality finish
• 3 position aircap adjusts for vertical, horizontal or dot spray pattern
– which makes painting awkward objects easy
• 1 litre capacity, high quality aluminium paint cup
• Viscosity cup to enable you to mix the paint to the correct viscosity for
spraying. Reduces your risk of ‘runs’ or ‘orange peel’

Efficient and powerful 1200 watt two stage turbine
• 5 metre industrial air hose with aluminium gun hose connector & screw on turbine connector
• Integral air filter for super smooth, dust free finish
• 2 metre power lead with plug
• 12 month warranty

Voted ‘BEST BUY’ in Practical Classics Magazine.


APOLLO High Volume Low Pressure Sprayers:  Q & A’S

Some of the most frequently asked questions about HVLP paint spraying to help you
choose the Apollo Paint Sprayer that’s right for you.

I have read about HVLP Sprayers, what does this mean?
HVLP stands for high volume low pressure.  Unlike conventional sprayers,
the air is delivered in high volumes but at low pressure.  It is the tremendous
volume of air that causes the paint to atomise, not the air pressure.

What is the advantage of HVLP?
Many!  As the air is delivered at low pressure, the paint lands on the surface
being sprayed and does not ‘bounce back’ or cause spray fog – the biggest
drawback of spraying.  This means that you will use about 40% less paint and
because the overspray is so little, when spraying small or individual sections,
you only need to mask off the immediate area.

But will it spray all types of paint?
The Apollo systems will handle virtually all types of paint, including cellulose,
emulsion, stains, lacquers, oil based gloss, hammer finishes and primer fillers.

How is it powered?
The heart of the Apollo system is a highly efficient turbine.  Depending on the
model, it delivers up to 2500 litres per minute of dry, warm air. This ensures a
clean continual supply of air to the gun.  Unlike some compressed air systems,
you won’t have to wait for the pressure to build up, and no additional filters
or pressure regulators are needed.

Why is it warm air?
The frictional forces inside the turbine blades heat the air, which dispels
moisture and reduces the chance of ‘blooming’ if spraying cellulose.  It also
means the paint dries a little quicker so you can put on a second coat.

Can I run air tools off it?
No.  The turbine is only working at low pressure.  However, it will achieve a
better finish than many low cost compressed air systems, and is much cleaner
and friendlier to the environment, because you are not releasing as much paint
into the atmosphere while using less power in the process.

I’ve never sprayed before; will I be able to use it?
Of course, Apollo sprayers are supplied as complete systems, including spray gun,
hose, turbine and most importantly a very comprehensive guide to spraying.  This
is a stage by stage guide to spraying covering thinning paint to the correct
viscosity, how to set up the gun and the easy way to spray flat surfaced, inside
corner and cylinders.
With just little experience you will soon get the hang of it.

Okay. I’m convinced, which model do I go for?
That depends on your budget and the amount of spraying you want to do.
Spraymate is for spraying the odd jobs about the home.   Spraymaster 1200, having
a more powerful motor, is for the enthusiast who does quite a bit of painting.
The models Pro-Spray 1500 are the professional systems for heavier everyday use.
Specialised coating may require the extra feature of this high power 1500 model.

What about after sales service?
Apollo has been manufacturing HVLP sprayers for nearly 40 years.  We have all machines
and spares in stock ready for immediate delivery. There is always someone on hand to
offer technical advice if you come across a problem.