Heavy Duty Professional Sand Blast Pot


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Sand / Shot Blast Pot
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This is a much travelled shot blast pot.  It is used in the Highlands of Scotland, in and around the Mountains of Wales, all over Northern Ireland and in fact, in use all over Ireland.  Recently we had a shot blast pot returned to us from Scotland.  It was bought in the late eighties and came back to us for a service!

If you want to carry out a prefessional job, whether it be monumental inscriptions, cleaning, de-rusting or any job that requires thorough preparation, both indoors or out, this is the shot blast pot for you.

See below Full Details, Features + Benefits

* Funnelled exit to prevent shot ‘banking’

* 4mm Thick Shell ensures the continuing strength of the shell

* Large bore air + shot blast hose ensures no blockages or banking of media

* Large handle + 2 wheels so pot is easily moved

* Large nozzle for efficient blasting

* Removable handle for ease of transport

* Easy to fill and Simple to operate

* Sensitive control of sand by using a diaphragm valve ensuring minimum material waste

* No air surges required to close filler plug

* Fitted with 2 full-flow ball vales resulting in good control on air inlet and freeing of blockages

* Large 1/2″ filter regulator fitted which helps prevent sand absorbing moisture and gives you a sensitive control of air pressure

* All hoses have Quick Release Couplings fitted for easy connection/disconnection

* Built to PED 97/23/EC specification