10 GUARANTEED reasons to use our company

Reason 1

Rotary screw air compressors are Guaranteed for 5 YEARS*
New piston air compressors are Guaranteed for 3 YEARS*
All other products are Guaranteed for 1 year*

Reason 2

If you buy on-line or leave our premises with a product and decide you don’t need your purchase, simply send it back and you will get a refund immediately.

Reason 3

Our engineers are fully qualified and vastly experienced for solving allyour pneumatic needs, either on your premises or ours.

Reason 4

We are totally committed to safety and the only company in the world to publish a “Compressed Air Safety Manual”. Free for you to download or we’ll post you a hard copy. Simply click the yellow tab up on the right side of the screen.

Reason 5

All the equipment sold by C.A.C. Ltd. has been “CE” certified in Europe not in China. China doesn’t have a safety culture and for that reason we will not allow Chinese air receivers on our premises. It is a pressure vessel and therefore a potential bomb! Remember compressed air behaves like steam under pressure!   The popular TV programme “MythBusters” demonstrated with devastating results the very explosive nature of unregulated compression, which surprised even the hardened presenters of the show. Please take a few minutes to watch this amazing experiment.

Reason 6

C.A.C.’s attention to quality and detail mean our products are PROVEN to be more efficient and robust. Many products we manufactured over 25 years ago are still in service. This means you can always be assured of quality and endurance.

Reason 7

We will help you solve any pneumatic difficulty that may arise in your business; just give us a call. We have 8 lines, (041 9836923), or e-mail us    Maybe you would rather we call to your premises.

Reason 8

Small enterprises along with high profile companies are the backbone of our business and are very important to us. We sincerely hope you will add your name to this valued list!!

Reason 9

If you prefer to call in to see us then please do so. Feel free to have a cup of tea/coffee or help yourself to our water fountain from Monday to Friday. All at Compressed Air Centre look forward to your visit.

Reason 10

We believe in absolute and total service to you our customer. You are the most important person in our business because you are the purpose of it!

*(Please see our Terms & Conditions)