“Hi Folks, Ordered an item yesterday lunchtime and had it in the post this morning. That’s top class service, thank you. A lot of on-line sellers could take a leaf from your book. Free delivery (or reasonable P&P charges) are a big big plus too. Well done, I’d have no reservations recommending your company to anyone.”
Niall Kavanagh, Portarlington

Clonmines Joinery
“I’m happy with CAC.’s products, delivery and backup service.”
Willie 051-561805

Connemara Furniture Ltd.
“Bought a lot of compressors from different suppliers in the past but none of them worked correctly for my application. Compressed Air Centre’s Climate Air Compressor did exactly what it said on the tin, CAC knew what they were talking about”. Running 24/7 and we’re very happy.”
Martin Mc Donagh 091-593446

Hallmore Dance Products
“The owner, Noel, had a problem trying to size the correct compressor which run the machines that manufacture the dancing shoes he is renowned for. He contacted CAC and we immediately agreed to work closely with Noel to solve his problem and ensure we matched the compressor to his production needs Noel purchased a Fini BK119-270F. Some time later, Noel wrote to thank CAC for our help in the decision which we greatly appreciate, Noel ended his letter thus; “Thanks for all your help”,
Yours, Noel Gaynor. 041-6853850

F.S. Wheels
“We at FS Wheels have been dealing with Compressed Air Centre for the past 7-years and have just used CAC equipment in the new Newcastle Depot, found it to be an easy experience dealing with C.A.C. backed up by very professional staff. We are very happy with the service and value of their products”.
Frank Sloan

F.S. Wheels installed a Fini Variable Speed Cube Compressor along with a complete air ring main delivery system assembled of Teseo aluminium piping.

Commercial Tyre Repairs
Colin Mc Donagh, Drogheda 11hp Petrol-250litre electric start, has our unit, a Fini BK20P38-150-ES, 5 years now.
“Second to nothing, ran the s**t out the compressor and never failed me once. You can tell anyone to call me”

T.J. Grady’s
A larger installation was installed in T.J. Grady’s of Co. Mayo. T.J. GRADY is the largest manufacturer of PVC, wooden window and door frames in Ireland. This plant is also renowned for it’s advanced planning and production methods. Once again the Teseo Air-Line system was chosen to supply compressed air throughout the factory.
Mr Grady and his production staff are keenly interested in energy saving methods so Teseo was a natural choice because there is a 30% improvement in power saving compared to ordinary gun barrel. This 50mm diameter ring main combined with theFini variable speed 75 H.P. screw compressor could represent between 20% & 40% saving on their compressed air energy costs.

Farrell Brothers
Farrell Brothers of Ardee, Co. Louth are Ireland’s leading manufacturer of office furniture. While many furniture companies in Ireland are closing down because of cheap imports, Farrell Bros. are not only standing up to the challenge but are exporting and competing with the foreign competition in their own backyard. This is essentially because Farrell Bros. installed the most modern production equipment available in the world today. All of this, their forward looking management, dedicated staff led by Mr Brendan Farrell has combined to produce modern office furniture of excellence and incredible value.

It is all the more refreshingly encouraging therefore to hear the praise lavished on a recent product installed in their new factory by Compressed Air Centre Ltd., Drogheda. The product in question is TESEO aluminium pipe-work for the distribution to the large volumes of compressed air used in Farrrell Bros. modern plant. Mr Brendan Farrell described the modular air system as a “super product”, he added; “having a ‘state of the art’ production floor means that it must look aesthetically good as well as functioning correctly and the TESEO modular air line system fits in with modern equipment perfectly.

“It is a super product and it is pleasing to the eye.” Mr Farrell also added; “what really surprised me was how fast it was to install and it worked out cheaper than gun barrel.”

Farrell Bros. is a member of “ICONF” an association of Irish furniture manufacturers and all its members have a renowned reputation for excellence, value and modern innovation. Teseo and Compressed Air Centre are very excited and pleased to be a supplier and installer to a company of this calibre.

Cameron International Ltd. in Longford
This referral came about from a request for a Fini air compressor to generate a flow of air at a specific pressure (lowest 10bar). At the time, Patrick did not know what size compressor he required. We (Compressed Air Centre) worked with Patrick and after some research decided upon and built a bespoke unit to solve his specific needs: A Fini BK20-200-12bar

The compressor is used to power air driven pumps/boosters which in turn powers a system that increases the pressure of water and nitrogen to 43700 and 37500 psi. This pressure is required to failure test a “Choke Assembly” used on oil rigs. In the interest of total safety, the failure test must be carried out before any choke valves are installed on the oil rigs.

Note: For those who are interested, a choke valve is like a big stop/flow valve you would have on your sink, but on a much larger scale. The purpose of the choke valve is to control the flow of oil on the oil rig.

“I’m very happy with the compressor and it is doing our job gallantly.”
Patrick Breslin


Apple Computers, Cork

A Fini rotary screw compressor was supplied by Compressed Air Centre Ltd. (CAC), Drogheda and installed at Apple Ireland, Cork in 2000. It was last serviced in May of this year (2011). Since it’s installation, it has run daily, sometimes 24 hours a day and clocked up over fifty thousand hours yet is still performing today with 100 % efficiency. The combined hours on this air compressor equates to approximately 100 hours per week. It is not unusual for Fini compressors to clock up such high hours, in fact, the harder the FINI compressor works the less it costs you to run per hour.

It was installed and serviced by Compressor Services, Cork and has been maintained almost religiously by Brian O’Rourke. Brian had extensive training at Compressed Air Centre Ltd. (CAC) here in Drogheda and at Fini Italy along with two of our engineers. They received intensive training in the care of all Fini products. Of course the meticulous attention to detail and environment demanded by this magnificent globally successful company plays a large part in the longevity of all equipment used by Apple.

Compressed Air Centre install Compressor that Saved €156,750 Annually for Electronics Manufacturer!!

Bourns Electronics Ireland, located in Cork produced an extensive range of ceramic-based resistors and resistor networks for the European market. Some years ago, Compressed Air Centre Ltd Drogheda, co-operated in a company-wide energy-savings system that yielded significant savings. The system installed was a water-cooled Sullair Two Stage tandem rotary screw compressor. This installation provided both air for manufacturing processes and recycled the cooling water through a heat recovery system.

Because of its own emphasis on quality, Bourns set rigorous standards for its equipment suppliers; Compressed Air Centre Ltd (CAC) more than met these high standards. Compressed Air Centre (C.A.C.) of Drogheda, the original Sullair distributor in Ireland and worked closely with Bourns throughout the project, right up until the end of the nineties. Energy costs had a major bearing on the company’s competitive market position and on it’s worldwide manufacturing operations. In 1994, in an effort to reduce energy costs, Bourns undertook an Energy Utilization Survey at the Cork plant. During the survey’s 12-month period (1994-95), Bourns’ total equivalent energy consumption amounted to 52,050 GJ  (The gigajoule (GJ) is equal to one billion (109) joules) at a total cost of €703,633 ($928,797 USD).

The two main energy sources used on the site were electricity and natural gas. It was found that compressed air used 20.8% of the electricity at the plant. The Energy Utilization Survey concluded that a 22.8% reduction in site energy could be achieved. C.A.C. was engaged to evaluate the company’s compressed air system, optimise the existing system and propose an improved alternative.

Compressed air was targeted for improvement for a number of reasons; The existing equipment was inefficient at 26 hp per every 100 cfm used. It was also unreliable and prone to failure. There was no spare capacity and there were production restraints. Also the distribution and plant room were poorly engineered so that maintenance costs were unnecessarily excessive.

The priority: To improve the compressed air facility with potential for optimising heat recovery.

Phase 1
Select a new compressor system with specific design criteria:
• 2000 cfm capacity,
• 20 hp per every 100 cfm performance,
• Varying load efficiency characteristics,
• Quality: -40 C pressure dew point (not atmospheric) with less than 1% purge loss,
• Heat recovery potential from water cooling transfer,
• Central Plant Room with best possible distribution,

Phase 2
Achieve the best possible results for potential heat recovery:
• Minimise reliance on gas usage in industrial water usage,
• Reclaim heat from process water effluent,
• Eliminate need for high flow/high power water heaters in process,

Phase 3
Install Building Energy Management System (BEMS) to control Networks building:
• Utilise heat recovery wherever possible,
• Achieve primary process control,
• Control all air conditioning in the building,

For Phase 1, C.A.C. recommended a Sullair TS Series 32/25 400 hp (300 kW) water-cooled
two-stage tandem rotary screw air compressor with 2200 cfm (62.3 m3/min) capacity.

For Phase 2, C.A.C. recommended Alpha-Laval heat exchangers, Lowera pumps and
Siemens fully programmable speed control.

For Phase 3, a complete building energy management system was installed.
In June, 1995, the Sullair compressor began taking up the plant load for compressed air.

The savings on electrical energy were immediately obvious. On full load, the machine was
developing 19 hp per every 100 cfm (14 kW/100 cfm). In the first 12 months of operation,
the electrical savings were €37,625 ($49,665 USD) compared to the previous compressed air system.

The objective of Phase 2 was to utilise the primary heat recovery from the compressor system. Heat recovery was constant, due to the action of the Sullair compressor’s spiral valve. In 1996, the heat recovery system saved €21,770 ($28,735 USD) in natural gas cost and €28,125  ($37,125 USD) in electrical water heating cost. The total savings for energy and maintenance at Bourns plant in 1996 were: Electricity savings: €75,856 ($100,130 USD) Natural gas savings: €21,768 ($28,735 USD) Maintenance Savings €59,125 ($78,045 USD).Compressed Air Centre was proud
to have been a part of Bourns’ highly successful energy-saving project through dedicated team-work, innovative product offerings and exceptional customer service.  C.A.C. offers customers throughout Ireland the most energy-efficient solutions for their  compressed air systems.

In 1997, Bourns Electronics Ireland received a prestigious award recognizing its achievements in energy conservation. The company was selected as the National Technology Winner for Efficient Compressed Air by the ESB (Electricity Supply Board of Ireland).
To this day this is our proudest achievement,