Electric Motors

Compressed Air Centre has imported a selection of industrial rated electric motors (manufactured in Italy) which are perfect for most of your business needs. While we specifically brought them in as replacement for piston air compressor motors, they are also suitable for many other types of “motor driven” equipment. We carry a range of single phase and three phase motors; 2 to 4 HP in the single phase range and 2 to 10 HP in the 3 phase range.

We strongly advise you to speak to us before you decide to fit a new motor to your machinery, especially if it is as a result of a previous motor failure.
We say this because sometimes the failure is caused by factors that have nothing to do with the performance of your original motor.
Sometimes the failure can be caused by a service fault on the air compressor such as a leaking non-return valve.
Eg; if the non-return valve is leaking back down the delivery pipe into the head of the air compressor, the electric motor will struggle to start against the pressure (ideally there should be no pressure in the head when compressor is at rest) and over time will eventually burn out.

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