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About Compressed Air Centre

Compressed Air Centre is a dynamic 100% Irish company specializing exclusively in Compressed Air Equipment. Established in Drogheda since 1980, we have been at the forefront of our industry for over four decades. Our core business operations encompass manufacturing, sales and service, with a steadfast commitment to excellence in all areas.

Our Industrial Expertise

At Compressed Air Centre, we pride ourselves on our unmatched expertise on Compressed Air Systems.

Our dedication to excellence in industrial processes and our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services tailored to your specific needs.

We offer comprehensive technical advice on all forms of Compressed Air Systems, ensuring our clients receive optimal solutions for their specific requirements. As part of our commitment to efficiency and aesthetics, we provide drawings for the installation of Teseo pipe-work, renowned for its superior quality and performance.


Product Range and Quality Assurance

Compressed Air Centre offers a complete line of Air Tools, Filtration Equipment and Accessories specifically engineered for automotive and industrial applications. Partnering with Fini, Rodcraft, Teseo and MTA we deliver tools and equipment of unparalleled quality and reliability, designed to excel in even the most demanding work environments.

From Impact Wrenches and Drills to Grinders and Sanders, our industrial and automotive tools are among the best on the market. Each tool is meticulously crafted for ease of use and longevity, ensuring top performance over many years of operation.

Our flagship product, the Trailer-Blast, exemplifies our dedication to innovation and quality. Designed and built entirely in-house at our premises in Drogheda, the Trailer-Blast sets the standard for reliability and performance in all industries, including monumental and tyre businesses.

Our Petrol and Diesel compressors are built to the highest standard by our experienced personnel who tailor- make different models for specific applications required by clients.

Customer Satisfaction and Aftercare

At Compressed Air Centre, customer satisfaction is paramount. We stand behind every product we sell, offering a hassle-free return policy within the warranty period. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive aftercare services, including servicing, repairs and spare parts, ensuring that our loyal customers receive the support they need long after their purchase.

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Experience the excellence of Compressed Air Centre today. Whether you’re in need of industry-leading compressed air equipment, expert technical advice, or reliable aftercare services, we’re here to exceed your expectations.

Contact us at 041-9836923, make an online enquiry to  or visit our premises in Drogheda to discover how Compressed Air Centre can elevate your operations.

about-3Some of the most popular products of air tools are perfect for high production and manufacturing such as those used on assembly lines, tyre applications, garage workshop floors, outdoor work, there is a tool for all applications.

Most importantly for you as a customer, all service, repairs, parts and accessories are available here in Drogheda. CAC is renowned for it’s aftercare to all products used by our loyal customers since 1980.