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Please allow us to demonstrate to you how we care about your safety. Did you know; a compressor stores huge amounts of energy, enough energy to destroy a workshop! (See the devastating test carried out by “MythBusters” on our web site. The presenters use “steam” but the principle remains the same). The Far East does not care in the same way about safety to life and limb as European legislation ensures we do. In fact, their attitude to safety is sometimes down-right dangerous! Just look at the millions of lethal toys manufactured in the Far East that were recently distributed to children in Ireland and all over the world by Fisher Price etc; all had to be withdrawn and destroyed! Fair enough; they do of course produce some good products when strictly supervised but generally compressors are not one of them.

Beware of Dealers who Claim their Compressors are Made by FINI

So how do you know if the compressor you have just bought is the real McCoy, the heavy duty Fini brand?

Answer: Because it will not only have the large Fini Logo across the tank but will also have a genuine CE safety certificate (including the serial number) registered here with us in Compressed Air Centre, Drogheda, the sole FINI importer for over 30 years.

And why is this important?

An air receiver must be carefully made because it has a potential energy force of thousands of lbs across the total surface (150 pounds per sq inch), enough to demolish a small factory. All our air receivers are made under strict European standards.
Fini air compressors are carefully made for your peace of mind and to ensure your business operates within your Insurance policy and Health & Safety parameters with concern for your customers, employees and of course your own well being.

True story number 1

In Early February of this year (2013) a visitor called to our showroom looking for a 2hp air compressor…..

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