Beware of Dealers who Claim their Compressors are Made by FINI

So how do you know if the compressor you have just bought is the real McCoy, the heavy duty Fini brand?

Answer: Because it will not only have the large Fini Logo across the tank but will also have a genuine CE safety certificate (including the serial number) registered here with us in Compressed Air Centre, Drogheda, the sole FINI importer for over 30 years.

And why is this important?

An air receiver must be carefully made because it has a potential energy force of thousands of lbs across the total surface (150 pounds per sq inch), enough to demolish a small factory. All our air receivers are made under strict European standards.
Fini air compressors are carefully made for your peace of mind and to ensure your business operates within your Insurance policy and Health & Safety parameters with concern for your customers, employees and of course your own well being.

True story number 1

In Early February of this year (2013) a visitor called to our showroom looking for a 2hp air compressor. He explained to us what exactly he wanted to use it for and we advised him to go for a particular model. In our opinion, based on what our visitor told us, he required a heavy duty model. Eventually, when we quoted him for same he rightly queried it. We explained where the value lay in the price but he said; “I can get the same model in a well known hardware group for less than half that price”.

Once again, we pointed out the main reason why our compressor represented better value. We were not convincing however and our potential customer replied; “the cheaper compressor can’t be that bad” And so he left our showroom empty-handed.

In July of this year, he returned to us again and bought the original recommended 2 hp Fini compressor. Without asking, he volunteered to us “he had bought two of the cheaper compressors in that short time and both had failed. Since then, he has lost many hours of his valued time”!

What was our “value reasoning” to him when he first called?

Apart from the air receiver being much larger (ideal for his particular application) we simply advised him that the average use of the “Hardware Store” compressor is 10 hours per year but the average use of a Fini compressor is 1000 hours per year.
Recently we had two Fini compressors come to our workshop for overhaul; one was 23 years old (Ardee Coach Trim) and the other (Molloys Monumental works of Kilkenny) was twenty five years running! The first had clocked up 24 thousand hours and the 2nd had 27 thousand hours worked.

When you buy Fini you buy from the experts. Compressed Air Centre will not only maintain your air compressor but will also engage with your company so that we take on the total responsibility of your complete air system. Our Service Team will look at all characteristics including the quality of the air supply to all your vital equipment. Because we are a team, you are not inconvenienced by holidays, absenteeism, unanswered phone calls appointments not being honoured, and all the other excuses offered by disorganised individuals or maintenance men. Compressed Air Centre gives you a genuine “Team Experience”. We make life easier for you.

True story number 2

CE certification

We once purchased 6 air compressors from various factories in China. We specified each must have CE certification. When they arrived in Ireland, we had an Irish CE expert, John Munro Consultants, examine the compressors as soon as they landed in Drogheda. His opinion and advice were as follows;

None of the air compressors complied with CE specifications;
In fact, they were so poorly designed they were unsafe. He advised us not to allow the general public use them under any circumstances. He further advised us to scrap them and to cut them up into small pieces to be certain they could never be used in any workplace. “They were too dangerous for use”!

It may be unfair to label all Chinese compressors in this manner but the simple fact of life is; unless the Chinese manufacturer is supervised by a European producer, with the experience, culture and tradition of total safety built into their business psyche, you must be extremely careful when you buy an air compressor. They are uniquely different to any other industrial machinery so, for your own safety and peace of mind please; only buy compressed air equipment from those who specialise and understand it and not from a food or hardware store.