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Compressed Air Dryer with 1/2″ Weep Drain For Max Flow of 50 CFM (12.5 HP) up to 250 PSI
  1/2″   1.11 KG
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Product Description


The La-Man patented Extractor/Dryer is a proven oil and water separator
that has successfully filtered compressed air in the pneumatics industry
for over 30 years.

In the USA, where this product is manufactured, The United States military,
the Golden Gate Bridge, Tyson Foods, Lockheed Martin, and Thermal Dynamics
are just a few of the many different companies using our products. La Man
uses a worldwide network of over 2,000 quality distribution branches to serve
this diverse market. La-Man® products can provide solutions to many of today’s
complex air control filtration and purification problems.

The patented Extractor/Dryer is a two-stage, point-of-use compressed air filter.
Designed primarily for the final point of air usage, it will remove water, oil and
other contaminates from compressed air lines. Developed for air driven tools, paint-
spraying, manufacturing equipment or any other compressed air equipment to produce
clean, dry, compressed air. In return you receive extended equipment life, improved
product quality and savings on costly repairs to damaged equipment. These advantages
will pay for themselves in a very short time.

Standard Features include:

Weep Drain – Allows minimal continous flow of contaminated air to escape the base of the unit.
Mounting Brackets (All models except 520’s and 195A) – Allows for easy and protective
mounting of your Extractor/Dryer.
Service Kits available for all models.

La-Man takes a different approach to cleaning up contaminated compressed airlines.
Our Extractor/Dryer provides the best service when it is located at the point-of-use
in an application. This allows the air from the compressor to cool, thus condensing
to liquid and enabling the Extractor/Dryer to do its job. The shortest distance from
our filter to the point-of-use ensures cleaner air, therefore protecting your valuable
machinery and equipment.

Additional Features – Benefits
Models range from 15 SCFM through to 2,000 SCFM
Standard 5 micron ratings (lower micron rating available)
Removes 99.9% of the liquids entering the Extractor/Dryer
Easy to install and maintain without removal
Lightweight aluminium housing
Standard inlet and outlet sizes
Improve equipment performance and product quality
Additional options available: Automatic float drain, regulator, lockout valve and
electronic drain

How it Works:

Compressed air containing tiny particles of dirt, dust, oil and moisture enters the
first stage of the Extractor/Dryer.
A coalescing effect occurs as air passes through a cartridge mesh filter that captures
particles and causes moisture to form larger droplets.
Air velocity lessens as it enters the extraction chamber allowing particles to collect
and moisture to condense on the honeycomb.
Particle laden water flows along the bottom and out the drain.
Air passes through the second stage “wire supported” fibre filter cartridge that captures
remaining particles down to 5 micron.
Remaining moisture and contaminates are dried and filtered in the second stage filter.
Exhaust air is clean and dry – no dirt, rust, oil or water droplets to disrupt air equipment operation.