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How Not To Buy The Wrong Air Dryer

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How Not To Buy The Wrong Air Dryer

Please note this very important air dryer clarification.

Some dryers are put on the market at 8 or even 9 degrees Celsius, which means they will Not Remove moisture successfully!

We emphasise this important point because some dryer suppliers do not make this clear.

Also be aware of the following; if the word “Pressure” is not included in the “Dew Point” rating, then you will not have guaranteed dry air.

Your supplier must clearly state; 3 degrees Celsius Pressure Dew Point, not simply, 3 degrees Celsius

This is guaranteed when you buy drying equipment from Compressed Air Centre Ltd, Drogheda.

Also please be aware that all MTA dew-points are quoted as “pressure dew-point”. Quoting “atmospheric” dew-point is useless for compressed air systems.

This point is essential for quality production and top performance for all  pneumatic equipment

The “Pressure Dew Point” setting on All MTA refrigerated compressed air dryers is a constant 3 degrees Celsius.

This is critical in order for us to Guarantee you 100% dry compressed air.