DryXtreme – NC – Desiccant Type Dryer

Model NC 004 NC 006 NC 007 NC 010 NC 014 NC 020 NC 025
Air Flow M3/min 3.3 5.8 7.5 10 13.3 20 25
Air Flow CFM 118 206 265 353 471 706 883
Connection 1” 1 ½” 1 ½” 2 2” 2 ½” 2 ½”
Width mm 500 880 880 1000 1000 1400 1400
Height mm 1710 2050 2450 2300 2800 2550 2800
Depth mm 320 433 433 528 528 630 630
Weight KG 220 300 350 450 450 760 1050
Pre Filter 018S 047S 047S 070S 094S 150S 150S
Post Filter 018P 047P 047P 070P 094P 150P 150P
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Product Description

DryXtreme NC

Heatless Adsorption Dryers (Desiccant Type)

(Air flow range; 3.3 to 25 m³/min (120 cfm to 880 cfm).

The MTA DryXtreme adsorption dryers offers you dew points from – 40°C,  to -70 degrees C giving you precise, efficient operation in several critical applications such as the chemical-pharmaceutical, food, electronics and automotive industry. They are also ideal for low temperature, outdoor installations. 

The NC dryers consist of two tanks in painted carbon steel, each of which is filled with adsorbent material (exclusive adsorbent activated alumina/molecular sieve mix). The compressed air is dried alternatively by the 2 columns which are regenerated by a minimal part of the air that has already been treated when the adsorbent material becomes saturated with moisture.


1-   Energy-saving features.

2-   Unique exclusive mix of adsorbent activated alumina/molecular sieve     to give you greater process drying reliability.

3-   Large adsorbent bed which allows a minor flow rate and a high  contact time of 5 seconds for maximum efficiency.

4-   Many years of experience bring to you high-quality components and exclusive piston valves with front seal and pneumatic action to ensure high reliability and eliminate production downtime.

5- Standard DMcontroller; electronic control with 4-position switch for  regeneration air adjustment: this also gives you considerable  energy savings.

6- Regenerational air flow in counter current increases the performance and efficiency of the adsorbent bed;

7- Gradual re-pressurisation phase: prevents fluoridation of the    adsorbent bed (excessive moisturizing) and extends the life of the adsorbent material.

8- Main components easily accessible for easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Great care has gone into the manufacturing of these dryers; rest assured, the following tech. description is essentially telling you this is a desiccant dryer that will out –perform anything on the market;

A- Structure and columns made of carbon steel coated with epoxy powder

B- Exclusive adsorbent activated alumina/molecular sieve mix.

C- Piston valves with front seal and internal components in stainless    steel and Teflon seals

D- Stainless steel diffusers

E- Silencers with a metallic structure, easy to clean

F- Control panel suitable for outdoor installations (IP55) including a  DMcontroller with LED status indicators and ON/OFF switch

G- Efficiency indicator with silica gel

Power supply:

230 V +/-10% / 1Ph / 50. (Different voltages are available upon request)

Minimum/maximum operating pressure: 4/10 bar(g).

(Higher pressures are available upon request).

Minimum/maximum inlet temperature: +5/+50 °C

Minimum/maximum ambient temperature: +5/+45 °C


1- Coalescing oil pre-filters HEF “S” series (0.01 micron) equipped with a condensate discharger;

2- Post-filters HEF series “P” (3 micron);

3- Echo Control: for precise control of the dew point and minimal power consumption;

4- Service Kit.