Large Hopper / Texture Gravity Gun


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Hopper Spray Gun
  4,6,8 MM   3.00 KG
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Large Hopper / Texture Gravity Gun FREE – Three sizes of nozzle – 4,6 + 8

IF you want to add beauty and depth to your walls by texturing-drywall then you’re going to need a texture gun. If you’ve never sprayed a textured finish before don’t fear! Working the gun is much easier than you might imagine.

Texture guns can’t operate by themselves. There must be a driving force which propels the texture compound through the gun and onto the walls. The driving force is either air, provided by an air compressor, or electric /airless texture sprayers. Self contained units are more professional and of course more costly, hence the wide popularity of the air-fed spray gun

Spray walls or any other area that needs textured paint, sealer or finish. This textured paint spray gun features a large 5 litre hopper so you spend more time coating and less time re-filling. Comes with three nozzle sizes, 4, 6, & 8mm nozzles to tackle a wide variety of applications.

Use this Air Texture Spray Gun to apply texturing material to ceiling and walls.

Our Kit includes 3 different nozzles to achieve just about any texture effect.

Kit features:
A Pistol Air Texture Gun
Large 5 litre hopper made of high impact plastic for lightness and durability
with seamless design – Stops clogging and material build-ups
Large capacity, 5 litre paint reservoir with
inter-switching spray nozzle sizes, 4, 6, or 8 mm
Perfect for spraying drywall, cement and other materials
Plastic Hopper with a Specially Formulated Nylon Gun
Tight Sealing Flow Shutoff Prevents Leakage