Micro Single + 3 Phase IE3 Rotary Screw Compressor


Model: FINI MICRO SE 2.2-10 M-200
Pressure: 10 BAR
Free Air Del.: 290 LT = 10.2 CFM PER MIN
Power: 3 HP
Phase: Single Phase
DBA: 58
LxDxH: 144X51X128 CM
Air Reciver: 200 LITRES
Weight: 144.00KG
SKU: MICRO SE 310 M-200 Category:


Micro Single and 3 phase IE3 Rotary Screw Compressors

Our 3 to 5.5 hp rotary screw compressors are designed for continuous duty in “heavy duty” conditions of use. These compressors reflect special attention given to power consumption, low operating and maintenance costs, simple installation and easy use. The complete production cycle, beginning with design, then mechanical abilities, assembly, testing, packing and shipping – takes place entirely in Fini. Each air compressor is built according to strict European standards which are carefully controlled in every phase of this process by skilled staff to guarantee you that every test on quality and operations are fully guaranteed.

Our Micro rotary screw compressors are the answer to all your needs for small and mid-sized companies, where the compressor is one of the main sources of your energy requirements. The range is available with extras that make it suitable for all the needs of your modern manufacturing/service facility.

A staff of technicians and specialised personnel, aided by advanced technologies and sophisticated equipment, work closely together on a daily basis to control the efficiency and quality of the products. Assembly and testing are performed on automated lines, robotic systems of the latest generation, with computerised tools used in the design and quality control to insure you receive a heavy duty, long-life compressor.

Since 1996, Fini has had a certified quality system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001. All critical components are built inside the Fini factory using machining centres with NC units before being thoroughly tested.

Available with a 200-litre tank, with or without dryer (ES); Recommended for companies or tradesmen that require a constant supply of compressed air with low noise levels, compact dimensions and limited operating costs. Fini MICRO rotary screw compressors have been designed to respond to your needs for reliability and efficiency, optimizing energy consumption, and reducing your maintenance costs and ease of installation.

All of the compressor’s main components: air-end, intake regulator and minimum pressure valve have been designed by Fini. The entire production procedure is carried out in-house in Italy: design, machining, assembly, inspection, packaging and shipment.

Efficient and Ecological

1-The New FS 14 air-end guarantees energy savings of up to 15% compared to air-ends with conventional rotors;

2-Over sized drive shaft and redesigned bearing seats offer even more performance and reliability.

3-The different available versions will thoroughly cover all your needs.

4-Compact , complete with all accessories The MICRO series produce compressed air with superb efficiency and, quietly!

Plug and Play

The machine is supplied fully tested and ready for use. Simply connect your air compressor to the power supply and your air-line system to begin your work.

Programmed Maintenance: Simple, Quick and Economical

The oil filter and the oil separator filter are both “spin-on” type

and the air filter are over sized to ensure you have long service intervals combined with low-cost maintenance.


The centrifugal fan, driven by the controller with thermostatic control, ensures your compressor comes with total cooling.


High resistant Poly V belts and a plate tensioner guarantees long-lasting air-end/motor transmission.