PreVost Safety Coupling 1/4″ Male (PCL Inter-Changeable)


Description / Model Size Weight
  1/4″   0.14 KG


PCL Inter-Changeable

Prevost Quick Release Couplings

Prevo S1 quick release couplings combine high technological performance and value for money in order to meet the very highest standards required by people like you today. The Prevo S1 range is synonymous with the excellent quality, service life, safety and maximum efficiency required by today’s pneumatic systems and tools. With a 3 Year Guarantee, the Prevo S1 coupling is unrivalled quality amongst the latest technological innovations.

Simple and easy to use, this is a quick and effortless coupling: you will find it easy to connect, with no risk of damaging the internal mechanism.

You can decompress and disconnect your pneumatic systems and tools in a single step: easy to use, also enabling you to change tools on assembly lines. The swivel body allows you time for quick assembly and optimal positioning:

Certified Safety 

You have automated control over decompression and disconnection in complete safety – no risk of hose whip or accidental disconnection, therefore no hazards for you, your operators or for products and tooling located in the vicinity. ISO 4414

Silicone-free manufacture: Avoids the risk of compressed air contamination during the application of paint or varnish (surface imperfections).

These coupling have built-in Anti-static construction: Avoids the risk of external dust being attracted to your painted/varnished surfaces or the creation of static electricity during construction.

Ergonomic Design For Greater Working Comfort

Ergonomically shaped to ensure you have a natural grip and ease of handling. Plus non-slip composite surface to ensure you have a firm grip on the coupling as well.

There is also maximum user comfort in the event of you having repetitive handling. These couplings also ensure accuracy of use and thus increases workstation efficiency.

International Compatibility

With all standard and non-standard profiles (ISO 6150B, ISO 6150C, 7.2-7.4 mm). The Prevo S1 range meets the requirements of nearly all standards. Colour coded buttons mean that international profiles can be identified quickly and easily; less risk of connection errors that may result in damage or cause accidents.

The Prevo S1 seal mechanism, in conjunction with a Prevost adaptor, ensures that all risk of leaks is eliminated in both the coupled and uncoupled positions. The seal depends on two areas:

  1. O-ring on the adaptor side: this ensures a perfect peripheral seal around the adaptor when connected.
  2. Valve seal: the aerodynamic valve ensures that the flow rate is optimised, without resulting in pressure loss. This results in a higher available power for the tool, thus better efficiency

• Leaks account for more than 20% of the production of compressed air in workshops, and are the source of significant financial losses in terms of energy consumption.

• In a network, leaks occur most commonly at the coupling adaptor connection (poor quality of design and the seals between components).

• Increasing the pressure provided by compressors by 1 bar results in a 6% to 7% increase in power consumption. Avoid this by opting for the Prevo S1 coupling range: It’s quick, safe and guaranteed leak-free!

Materials:Brass adaptors are unsuitable as they do not withstand vibrations. Their surface deteriorates very quickly, which may result in disconnection. The adaptor can cause premature damage to the seal, thus generating a leak.  Solution: Prevost adaptors are made of nitride steel and are scratch and corrosion resistant.

Standards:  An adaptor that does not quite correspond to standardised dimensions and tolerances will not result in a perfect connection with the coupling.  Solution: Prevost adaptors comply with all the requirements of the prevailing standards, including the various applicable ISO standards.