Refrigerant Air Dryer

Model: DE062
Voltage : 230 VOLT
Volume : 268.40 CFM
Air Connection: 11/2″
Absorbed Power: 0.84 KW
Dimensions: 780 X 735 X 940 MM
Weight: 167.00KG
Category: .

Product Description


The World’s Most Reliable Air Dryer

Because MTA do no use the industry standard troublesome

‘hot gas’ valve, the MTA air drier runs cooler and less often therefore increasing its longevity. Extensive factory testing offers peace of mind, and the wide compressed air inlet eliminates the chance of incoming air blockages.


Advanced Digital Control

MTA Hybrid air dryers feature the most advanced control technology and all models are fitted with easy to use digital controls. The MTA range of air driers require no programming because they automatically adapt to all temperatures and conditions so there is never a need to switch the dryer off.  MTA’s patented GTS’s direct heat exchange means there is no need for a cool down period at start-up.

(“Cool down period” means reaching the low temperature that ensures 100% dry air at all times). Since there is no need to turn an MTA drier off, GTS continuously monitors the compressed air load and performs accordingly i.e. goes into stand-by mode.


Easy To Maintain

Unlike most other types of dryers with hot gas valves there is no need for seasonal adjustments on MTA driers. MTA’s simple refrigeration circuit is easy to maintain and the control panel features service warning lights. Digital controls, standard on all models, offer a user- friendly interface. The LED display shows worded instructions that are easy to understand, even from a distance.


Operates In High and Low Temperature

Refrigerant gas, R134a allows for high overload temperature capacities. Because MTA doesn’t use hot gas valves the risk of freezing in winter is avoided.


Energy Savings Of Up To 80%

GTS continuously matches dryer capacity to your air usage, providing energy savings of up to 80% in everyday conditions (on average your compressed air system operates at full load capacity for only a fraction of the time). The MTA range of air driers energy consumption is automatically reduced in either partial or zero-load conditions i.e. when little or no air is being used. The GTS exchanger’s function (MTA patented) and unique hybrid operation save up to 80% of your energy costs. Two dew- point settings allow further savings when weather conditions permit.


“Two dew-points” in its simplest form means that, instead of operating the dryer at a dew-point of 2 degrees Celsius, it can be operated at a lower energy consuming 5 degree Celsius dew-point. This is because the higher the ambient temperature, the higher we can operate the dryer dew-point and therefore save energy. Also please be aware that all MTA dew-points are quoted as “pressure dew-point”. Quoting “atmospheric” dew-point is useless for compressed air systems.


Lowest Dew Point

The MTA thermal storage system acts as a buffer easily handling sudden load variations and avoiding the dew-point peaks of the ‘hot gas’ by-pass valve used by most competitors. (Erratic dew-point peaks could result in wet compressed air.)


Environmentally Safe

MTA compressed air dryers high energy savings, combined with environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a and non-toxic thermal mass is standard on all models and greatly reduces their environmental impact.


Patented GTS Technology: How It Saves Up to 80% of Your Energy Costs

The patented GTS exchanger, designed by MTA, is the secret to its remarkable energy saving. Featuring the most compact thermal storage unit on the market, this extended surface heat exchanger features an air-to-air “freecooler” (from DE009 and larger) and uses special insulation to reduce energy loss.

The unique GTS exchanger’s compressed air and refrigerant tubes are encased in a bed of thermal mass. Aluminum fins connect the air and refrigerant tubes together. Consequently heat transfers from the compressed air to the refrigerant, both directly through the fins and indirectly through the thermal mass. This is an extremely important process if we are to remove the moisture from your total compressed air system.


Note: Thermal mass is likened to food in a freezer: An empty freezer will rarely switch off but a full freezer will retain the energy used to chill or freeze the food (thermal mass) and therefore switch off for long periods (as in the case of a full, deep freezer).


Long Service Life

Because MTA have avoided the need for a hot-gas bypass to control it’s capacity, the refrigerant drier runs cooler and less often, thereby extending the service life of the unit.


Partial Load (Typical Conditions)

When the refrigeration capacity is greater than the incoming air load, the excess capacity cools the thermal mass. The compressed air is then cooled by the thermal mass, allowing automatic dryer on/off cycling to closely match the air usage saving energy as a result.


Zero Load (Stand-by Conditions)

When there is no compressed air being used, the dryer’s refrigeration system only operates to maintain the thermal mass at design temperature

(2-5 degrees Celsius). The result is near-zero power consumption with immediate restart capability. This is very important because a ‘hot gas’ drier can not have instant re-start capacity.


Energy For The Future

MTA was established over 25 years ago with a clear objective: improving our relationship with two distinct natural resources, air and water, while optimizing their transformation into clean energy sources i.e. dry compressed air. As each application differs, so MTA offers a personalised energy solution perfectly aligned to suit your individual needs. At Compressed Air Centre (CAC Ltd), energy saving is our business and reducing your energy costs is our aim.

(Compressed Air Centre Ltd has been MTA’s sole distributor in Ireland for over 24 years.)


Far Reaching Yet Always Close By

MTA is present in over 80 countries worldwide. Expert knowledge and absolute attention to application, consultancy and service support guarantees that you can look forward to long term peace of mind and a superior compressed air solution. Compressed Air Centre (CAC Ltd) always remain in close contact with our customers, wherever you may be.