Safety Valve / Pressure Relief Value


Please do not purchase a Safety Valve without consulting this chart:

Part No. Max Press Max Flow Rate
047086000 6 Bar 2456 l/min
047209000 8 Bar 1655 l/min
047205000 8 Bar 2494 l/min
047206000 10 Bar 3053 l/min
047005000 11 Bar 4716 l/min
047004000 12 Bar 1225 l/min
047213000 11 Bar 7237 l/min
047214000 14 bar 9047 l/min


Introduction to safety (relief) valves

A safety (relief) valve is fitted purely to prevent the receiver from exceeding the
maximum working pressure and is therefore necessary to protect your life and your property.

1- Because the safety valve may be the only device remaining to protect you from a potentially dangerous situation, it is important that the relief valve is in prime condition.
2- Only qualified people should be allowed to adjust/alter the safety aspect of your air compressor.
3- Safety valves are usually set about 10% above the safe working pressure but this can vary slightly.
4- Do not expose safety valves to freezing temperatures if there is a possibility that the safety valve  can come into contact with moisture. Under those circumstances it may freeze solid.
5- A relief valve must be capable of discharging all the air produced by your compressor i.e. if the compressor produces 20 cubic feet per minute (approx. 550 litres per second) at 10 bar then the safety (relief) valve should be capable of exhausting that amount + 10% to atmosphere.

(It is common for the relief valve to be set approx. 10% above the working pressure of the system).

Safety valves are installed in case of the following:

1-    Exposure to heat from a fatory/workshop fire (Heat can increase the pressure up to one hundred
times the safe working pressure).
2-    Dirt or dust gathering on the cooling apparatus and slowly creating a build-up to mechanical failure over a period of time.
3-    Failure of the cut-out pressure switch.
4-    Interference of your electrical system by untrained personnel.
5-    A slow broadening of pressure \\\\\\\’differential\\\\\\\’ cut-out sequence due to wear on the pressure switch.

1/2″ Safety Valve Max Pressure 14 Bar – Max Flow Rate 9047 l/min 047214000

1/4″ Safety Valve Max Pressure 6 Bar -Max Flow Rate 2456 l/min 047086000

1/4″ Safety Valve Max Pressure 8 Bar – Max Flow Rate 1655 l/min 047209000

1/4″ Safety Valve Max Pressure 8 Bar – Max Flow Rate 2494 l/min 047205000

1/4″ Safety Valve Max Pressure 10 Bar – Max Flow Rate 3053 l/min 047206000

1/2″ Safety Valve Max Pressure 11 Bar – Max Flow 7237 l/min 047213000

3/8″ Safety Valve Max Pressure 11 Bar – Max Flow Rate 4716 l/min 047005000

3/8″ Safety Valve Max Pressure 12 Bar – Max Flow Rate 1225 l/min 047004000