Teseo AP Kit


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Aluminum Air Line
AP Kit

Product Description

AP Kit comprises of 10 mt x 20mm aluminium air line with the freedom to have 4 take-off points.

Complete listing of kit: 4 x 2.5 m 20mm Teseo pipe, 1 x allen key, 2 x PCL hose bayonets, 1 elbow, 1 x 3/8 female terminal, 5 brackets – L type, 4 x 1/4 PCL quick release coupling, 4 x 1/4 outlet plates, 3 straight joints, 1 x closed terminal, 1 x 3/8 x 12mm stud, 1 x 1/2 x 12mm stud, 1 deburring tool, 2.5 mtr x 12 mm nylon tubing, 1 ptfe tape

What is Teseo AP Kit?
Teseo AP kit is a new aluminum piping system of compressed air delivery from the compressor to various points in the factory/workshop.  This replaces the dated method of galvanized piping which is tedious, labour intensive and grueling to install.  Aluminum air-line is strong, lightweight and easy to handle.  You need little more than a small hack saw and an Allen key to install Teseo aluminum air-line!!

Tidy up your workshop with this versatile modular air piping system
Easily installed with Allen Key Supplied
Save up to 40% on Power consumption
Eliminate Hazardous Air-Lines on floor
Completely flexible when moving, relocating or adding new outlets
15 Bar Working Pressure
Clean Air – No rust or Corrosion
Test Pressure 56 Bar

When you buy Teseo air-line you invest in new, “energy saving” technology.
Safe, Reliable, Clean, Efficient.
Award winning design by the Italian Engineer Paolo Guzzoni