Fini Dr Sonic 320-50V Silenced


Model: FINI DR SONIC 320-50V-3M
Voltage: 230 V
Power : 3 HP
Receiver: 50 LITRES
Pressure: 8 BAR
Dental Chairs: 4
L x D x H: 61 X 50 X 88 CM
Decibels: 60 DB (A)
Weight: 73.00KG
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Dr Sonic 320 Silenced
These models have the lowest noise ratio (dB(A) vs HP) on the market, thanks to a special “shroud” filled with soundproofing material combined with the internal cooling fan.
They are especially suitable if it has to be placed close to the practice area, where the noise level must be kept at a minimum.
The MedicAir range of dental compressors is specially designed to incorporate all the safety and health features necessary for good clinical practice.

Perfect for 4 Dental Chairs.

The new generation of Fini silenced dental compressors are;
* Oil free,
* Filtered,
* Corrosion protected,
* 100% moisture free.

* 50lt tank, with inner anti-oxidant coating
* High-capacity fan and forced air system for improved cooling.
* On-off switch.
* Cable with Plug-and-Play plug.
* Air outlet filter.
* Anti-vibration damping system.
* Double handle for easier handling.
* Motor thermal cut-out.
* Dr Sonic silenced version with soundproof casing

Pressure        116 psi=8 bar
Dba                 60 (noise level)
Hp                   3 (horse power, = 1.1 Kw)
Rpm                1400 (revolutions per minute)
Receiver         50 ltr (air tank reservoir)
Dimensions   61 x 50 x 88  ( l x d x h)  cm
Weight            73 Kgs

Note: Image displayed is Dr Sonic 320-50V-ES-3M with dryer