Fini Dr Sonic 640-90F-ES Silenced with Air Dryer


Model: FINI DR SONIC 640-90F-ES-6T
Voltage: 400 V
Power : 2 X 3 HP
Receiver: 90 LITRES
Pressure: 8 BAR
Dental Chairs: 8
L x D x H: 120 X 72 X 82 CM
Decibels: 64 DB (A)
Weight: 118.00KG
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Dr Sonic 640 Silenced with Air Dryer
These models have the lowest noise ratio (dB(A) vs HP) on the market, thanks to a special “shroud” filled with soundproofing material combined with the internal cooling fan.
They can be equipped with the exclusive double or single-tower adsorption dryer  (adsorption means; the binding and separation of molecules or liquid on to a surface, must be distinguished from absorption, the filling of pores in a solid for example) and are especially suitable if it has to be placed close to the practice area, where the noise level must be kept at a minimum.
The MedicAir range of dental compressors is specially designed to incorporate all the safety and health features necessary for good clinical practice.

Perfect for 8 Dental Chairs.

The new generation of Fini silenced dental compressors are;
* Oil free,
* Filtered,
* Corrosion protected,
* 100% moisture free.

* 90lt tank, with inner anti-oxidant coating
* High-capacity fan and forced air system for improved cooling.
* Air outlet filter.
* Double anti-vibration damping system (under motor and under tank).
* Double handle for easier handling.
* Motor thermal cut-out.
* Dr Sonic silenced version with soundproof casing
* Double-column drier (ES)
* Energy-saving electronic controller to use compressors in the best conditions.

Pressure        116 psi=8 bar
Dba                 64 (noise level)
Hp                   2×3 (horse power, = 1.1 Kw)
Rpm                1400 (revolutions per minute)
Receiver         90 ltr (air tank reservoir)
Dimensions   120 x 72 x 82  ( l x d x h)  cm
Weight            118 Kgs