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Product Description

What is Teseo Modular Air Line?

Modular air line is a new aluminum piping system for compressed air delivery from the compressor to various points in your factory/ workshop.  This replaces the dated method of galvanised piping which is tedious, labour intensive and gruelling to install.  Modular air-line is strong, lightweight and easy to handle.  You need little more than a small hack saw and an Allen key to install Teseo modular air-line!!

Teseo aluminium piping system is 70% lighter than steel, it’s clean, reusable and recyclable. Teseo aluminium pipe-work does not need to be threaded, welded or painted.   The compressed air is always clean because aluminium pipe-work does not rust.  It is ideal for all work areas and clean room situations.

Teseo aluminium piping system can also be used for carrying + supplying nitrogen and other inert gases plus many lubricants. It is tested to 56 bar and is very pleasing to the eye.   Of all the energy saving methods employed by industry to save energy in compressed air production, the Teseo A.P. is by far the most economical.

Teseo Aluminium air line does not leak and therefore reduces energy costs year after year.  According to a German research company, in a recent survey throughout Europe, it was found that air leaks accounted for 16% of energy losses.  Leak prevention saves more energy than all the other energy saving methods put together including variable speed compressors.

Easy to Install
One person can easily install 20mm or 25mm Teseo on their own at ground level.  It is possible to join two lengths or more on the ground and manoeuvre into position with little effort.  In fact a great deal of the work can be done at ground level which makes the job even faster.

Completely Flexible
You can easily relocate Teseo pipe-work to suit your factory/workshop changes and add as many air outlets as you require, literally within minutes.

Huge Power Savings
Smooth bore combined with no air leaks delivers more than 30% more efficiency. (See Chart Below)

Clean Air
Clean air (no corrosion) means more savings because you don’t have to change filter elements and pneumatic valves etc. as often.

Aesthetically Pleasing
You are installing technology not only because of all the above reasons but also because it will look great in your working environment, it’s totally professional.

With ordinary gun barrel airline installations, the labour factor is approximately 70% of the cost.  With Teseo aluminium airline the labour factor is approximately 30%, so your capital acquisition is doubled with Teseo. Gun barrel cannot be recovered or moved but Teseo aluminium pipe-work is totally re-usable and re-cycable.

The main air-line (ring main) can be put in position by CAC or your contractor and you can select take-off points or connect up your flexible hoses at your leisure, saving time and money.

Teseo are the original exponents of this technology and as a result are still light years ahead of the rest in terms of build, quality, strength, ergonomics, quality control and aesthetics. Teseo, Italy is the patent holders, designers + manufacturers of modular aluminium pipe-work (A.P).  Many engineers believe aluminium pipe-work will eventually replace all gun-barrel (steel) and plastic pipe-work in the near future. Demand for Teseo A.P. is surpassing our expectations and feedback has been excellent.

Because of the quality standards employed by Teseo in their unique manufacturing technology, the inside bore of Teseo is consistently smooth resulting in even lower friction impact. This results in even greater energy savings when there are hundreds of meters of air line.

When you need to make alterations and additions to your air line system, Teseo is extremely flexible; you can add take-off points anywhere in the system in a matter of minutes (this is not possible with gun-barrel piping or any other systems).

NOTE: Dell Computers had most of their Limerick campus equipped with Teseo air line (although they did have other products too). But when Dell (alas) moved to Poland, they insisted on Teseo being installed entirely in their new campus.

When you buy Teseo modular air-line you invest in new, energy saving technology.

“The aim of Teseo is to eliminate all wasteful air leaks in compressed air systems”

You won’t believe how easy it is to install this aluminium pipe-work!!

We can supply ALL the products necessary to ensure you comply with your local authorities environmental requirements including a “leak free” air line system used by McLarens, Lotus, Smurfit, Rolex-all companies dedicated to protecting our environment. This system is supplied and available to you here in Ireland.

Teseo Air-Line World Class Systems
Please bear in mind, our world class Teseo piping system safely delivers high-quality compressed air from the compressor to your point of use. All new additional air “take-off-points” are effortlessly installed to benches, walls or pillars without interrupting air flow (should you require it).

Teseo Ingenuity
People need to see the ingenuity and flexibility that makes this product pure genius. Most companies only focus on investment costs but rarely on operating costs.  The operating costs of electricity in the average life of a compressed air system, is 75% of the total costs.  This is a common cost throughout Europe.

5.3 million tons of CO2 emissions are added to the atmosphere in Europe alone as a direct result of compressed air leakages.  (14 billion Kw of power is used annually to generate compressed air).

The Teseo compressed airline system will, on average, pay for the total compressor system between one and three years through air leak prevention.  Too often, the selection of a compressed air system is made by management on price alone and little or no thought is given to heat recovery or energy losses.

If you manufacture machinery which requires modular manifolds for air vacuum or other fluids then you should consider this breakthrough for your product! See how wonderful this new manifold will help improve your product.