In Line Oil Removal Filters – Up To 250 HP




MTA PureTec Compressed Air Filtration

Modern industrial processes, factories and workshops are demanding ever higher
levels of sophistication from their equipment, and each Compressed Air network requires higher air purity levels. The consequences of inadequate or poor filtration for your equipment and air tools are; work downtime, high maintenance costs and reduced product quality. For example; in the finished paintwork of a car, oil carryover in ultra sensitive machinery or the contamination of food products. MTA’s PureTec Filters
avoid these undesired consequences, offering guaranteed and lab tested filtration with efficiency levels within an extensive commercial range which satisfies all your individual needs.

All PureTec High quality elements are designed for the vigours of your industrial or heavy duty usage and designed to offer you years of guaranteed highly efficiency filtration.

The PureTec HEF range of threaded Oil Removal Filters cover air flows from 35 to 1600 cfm per minute. The extremely durable housing ensures years of trouble free operation whatever your working conditions are. The clever design simplifies installation and operation, while the \\\’CleanFit\\\’ design allows you
to easily change the filter element.

As we previously said: Modern industrial applications require ever higher quality air; applications such as pneumatic automation, electronics, pharmaceutical and food industries, to name just a few,
are becoming very sophisticated and require certain levels of \\\’accountable\\\’ accuracy.

The level of atmospheric contamination that can be found in the environment typically amounts to as much as 140 million particles per cubic metre. About 80% of these are smaller than 2 microns in size, and therefore pass through the air compressor’s air intake filter passing into the compressed air network itself. When compressed to a pressure of 7 bar, the number of particles contained in the
compressed air reaches 1120 million per cubic metre. As if this were not bad enough, further impurities are added to your compressed air such as:
• Water vapour, which will condense to a liquid within your compressed air circuit.
• Oil vapour and air-borne oil particles produced during the compression process itself.
• Solid contaminants produced by your compressed air distribution network.

Failure to efficiently remove these impurities could lead to serious consequences for your work including:
• Increased maintenance costs.
• Interruptions in the production process.
• Costly tool wear.
• Damage to your finished products.

All this can simply be avoided by the PureTec professional grade compressed air filters. PureTec has been designed to offer years of guaranteed high efficiency filtration in even the harshest conditions,
safeguarding you from the costly consequences of unfiltered or poorly filtered compressed air.

PureTec housing has been designed for the rigours of industry. The Aluminium housings are treated with the DURACHROM  treatment, a process which creates a chrome surface on both the inside and the outside of the filter. As a result, the Filter life is lengthened,
and as there is no risk of the housing itself degrading.
So; your air quality is increased and the risk of drain blockage is reduced.

PureTec furthermore goes through a process of high temperature degreasing, ant-oxidation treatment and passivation which further adds to its durability. The paint process itself is a polyester powder
treatment which ensures years of service. The consequence is that PureTec exceeds the criteria of a 250 hour salt bath test according to ASTM-117 norms.

Where most filters rely only on the filter media, MTA adds an extra layer of non-woven fabric, which is laminated to the filter media itself. The pulsations and pressure changes which filter elements
are subject to, risk damaging the media; by adding the non-woven fabric layer MTA adds significant extra strength, ensuring element integrity and, as a consequence, the quality of your compressed air itself.

The glass micro-fibre filter media offers filtration in accordance to ISO standards;  Corrosion resistant materials and stainless steel support cylinders (with wide spacing for minimal pressure drops) ensure
the element remains integral over its entire working life. 4 filtration grades are offered including 2 coalescing and an activated carbon grade.

CLEANFIT (standard on all HEF005-150) greatly simplifies element servicing. Simply place the element in the bowl and screw the bowl onto the head; the element will position itself into its guide in the head, with an O-ring ensuring a tight fit. The advantages are multiple:

1- No dirty hands – Used elements are covered in oil; with CLEANFIT there is no need to touch the element itself during substitution.

2- Quick substitution – CLEANFIT drastically reduces the time needed to substitute an element.

3- Reduced installation space – Given that CLEANFIT does not require a tie-rod, so the space required  below the filter is notably reduced. PureTec can thus be installed in very limited spaces.

4- Audible warning – An orifice within the filter housing itself warns you if the bowl has not been tightened enough during the element changing, or if the bowl is being removed whilst the filter is still under pressure (this is critically important for your personal safety).

Multiple Installation Kits – A complete range of accessories and kits ensures that PureTec can easily be installed in all situations. Designed for the variations of industrial use.

Monitoring Indicator – gives you a simple indication of when the filter needs to be changed.

Monitoring Gauge – shows the progressive differential pressures which tells you the element is gettingnear to changing time. The gauge can be rotated by 180° for easy viewing.

Internal Float Drain – means zero-loss design when expelling moisture and fits inside the housing.
External Float – also means zero-loss of air with no power supply required.
Timed Drain – safe and reliable.
Electronic Drain – very reliable, alarm security, zero-loss.
Manual Drain – for Grade A filters.

Please contact us for a fuller explanation of how each filter drain works.

Filter Specifications

Airflow              Air      Max bar         Dimensions
Model      m3/h m3/min  Connection  Pressure   A   B    C   D     Weight (kg)

HEF005      60    1,0      1/4bsp   16       88  188   20  70      0,9

HEF007    78    1,3      1/2”     16       88  188   20  70      1,0

HEF010    120   2,0      1/2”     16       88  258   20  70      1,1

HEF018    198   3,3      1”       16      125  261   33  80      2,3

HEF030    335   5,6      1”       16      125  363   33  80      3,4

HEF047    510   8,5     1-1/2”    16      125  463   33  80      3,9

HEF070    780  13,0     1-1/2”    16      125  642   33  80      5,4

HEF094   1000  16,7      2”       16      163  686   48  95      8,0

HEF150      1500  25,0      2”       16      163  933   48  95     10,0

HEF240   2760  46,0      3”       12      248 1060   74  760    23,0

A = width

For height total, add together the following; B = body + C = gauge height  + D = drain plug length.

Air flow correction factors for differing operating pressures: (bar Pressure)

Pressure bar:        1    2    3    4    5    6   7  8    9    10   11   12   13   14  15  16
Correction Factor: 0.25 0.38 0.50 0.63 0.75 0.88 1 1.13 1.25 1.38 1.50 1.63 1.75 1.88  2 2.13

Filter element grade                                          P      M      S      A
Rated initial pressure drops (bar)          0.04   0.05   0.08   0.05

Note: The allotted HP may be increased or lowered depending on the compressor efficiency, location, cooling methods, heat dissipation and oil carry-over.  The stated HP can however, in general, be regarded as a reasonable guide to selection.

Please contact us for a fuller explanation of the above specification.

Air Quality: Odour and oil vapour free air. Residual oil content 0.005 mg/m3. For max flow of 880 CFM or 250 HP air compressor. F150A = Odour, Taste and Oil Vapour Removal Filter

Air Quality: Moisture and particle removal down to 0.01 micron. Residual oil content 0.01 mg/m3. For max flow of 880 CFM or 250 HP air compressor. F150S = Super Oil Removal Filter

Air Quality: Moisture and particle removal down to 1 micron. Residual oil content 0.5 mg/m3. For max flow of 880 CFM or 250 HP air compressor. F150M = Oil Removal Filter

Air Quality: Moisture and particle removal down to 3 micron. For max flow of 880 CFM or 250 HP air compresso F150P = Pre Filter