K-Max 7.5HP IE3 Rotary Screw Air Compressor With Tank


Model K-Max 5.5-10-270  
KW  5.5
HP  7.5
L/min  705
M3/h  42
C.F.M.  25
Bar  10
P.S.I.  145
dB(A)  62
BSP  1/2″
LxDxH(cm)  128 x 65 x 154
KG  255
Lbs  562
Tank (lt)  270   –


Do you continuously have to stop work because of low air pressure or moisture?

Are your air tools not working efficiently or fast enough?

If you have answered yes to either of these questions, then you should install a specialised Fini air compressor package. It is a package that has been proven many times and will guarantee to solve your problems.

The K-Max Range of compressors are easily installed…Free standing.

The K-Max ‘Dry Air’ Package Guarantees 100% Dry Air *

Just imagine;

How much would you lose if your old piston air compressor broke down?

It’s also easy to maintain…and please allow me to remind you of the advantages;

1- You get much more air per kilowatt

2- Noise reduction, quietest rotary screw in it’s range

3- Heavy duty for continuous use

4- Large air receiver 270 or 500 litre available

5- No Risk…full Refund if not satisfied within 60 days

6- The Fini K-Max ‘Dry Air’ Package Guarantees 100% Dry Air *

7- Compressor returns up to 7 KW of heat

We have been selling this successful range of Fini compressors in Ireland for over 30 years.  It is the largest selling compressor in the whole Fini range. This modern and regularly updated range is a carefully designed rotary screw compressor and is the ideal machine to replace your old or undersized piston unit. Indeed, the 10hp Fini screw outsells the equivalent piston compressor by 5 to 1.

Are there any other advantages that will save you money?

Yes, one more important point;    The K-Max rotary screw compressor can be sited INSIDE your workshop or store, thereby capturing 90% of heat produced by the compressor. As many as 3 electric fan heaters and, on top of that, it also delivers to you more air per kilowatt!!

Does your staff complain about the noise of your air compressor or is your existing compressor too noisy?

So now is a good time to replace your noisy inefficient piston compressor with a State of the Art Fini Rotary Screw compressor and reduce noise in your factory/workshop. You can of course purchase a base unit and use you existing air receiver as storage. This does two things for you; it saves you money and it leaves you with your piston unit as standby for servicing etc.

If you are considering changing your piston compressor or need a larger unit please contact me,

Alan  @ 041-98 36923

More efficient than a piston compressor More air for same H.P.
Quieter than a piston compressor and quietest screw in the range Health and Safety.
More robust than a piston compressor Will run 24 hours continuously if required.
Designed for easy maintenance. You can service it yourself to reduce costs. (But only if you wish)
Super Efficient Gives you more compressed air per kilowatt than any screw of its size on the market
*Available in variable speed option Power saving, i.e. will behave as a 5HP compressor if demand drops.
Available  as “base unit” and connected to existing piston compressor This means the piston becomes a stand-by compressor.
Very well priced Excellent value.
Comes complete with dryer (if required) – very compact with special air receiver. Guarantees 100% Dry Air and Fits into convenient spaces.
Direct Drive. The direct drive system make the K-Mid 5% more efficient than any belt drive screw compressor, there is no loss of efficiency of power through a belt.

Warranty is two years but this can be increased to“no nonsense” FIVE years if you have us service it annually. The warranty is extended up to a period of 5 years by using our simple maintenance programme. We will remind you when the service is due and the extended warranty will be noted on the job sheet.

*Guaranteed providing the ambient temperature in the building where air is being used does not fall below 12 degrees centigrade.