RODCRAFT 1/2″ Impact Wrench “The Beast”1250 Torque


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RODCRAFT 1/2″ Impact Wrench1250 Torque
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  1/2″   2.0 KG
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½ Inch Air Impact Wrench Model RC2277

***** FREE   SOCKET   SET *****

And now for The “BEAST” of all 1/2″ Wrenches !!

Once again, a Heavy Duty wrench for all your Extremely Intense Applications.

Composite impact wrench with fast and high torque driven with a forged DuoPact mechanism –  the Most Reliable System for continuous torque increase; with two extremely robust forged ring hammers.  It’s Light weight even allowing for the High Power, only 2.0 kg.

Comes with Robust forward-reverse shift/power regulator (on one knob). Three position regulator for your very cautious forward assemblies and always full power when you’re in reverse.

Not called “The Beast” for nothing!!

Ideal for all your Industrial, Tyre Services and Car Repair needs.

Heavy Duty for Extremely Intense Applications


1-The Air Exhausts Down the Motor Housing.

2-Mini grease plug on the front housing for easy re-greasing of the impact mechanism.

3-Extraordinary Power with Only 2 kg.

4-Sufficient Torque for You to Work on Vans

5-Ergonomic Balance with Handle Patches and are optional for additional comfort.

6-Durable DUOPACT Mechanism

7-Lightweight Composite Motor Housing

8-Robust F/R Shift with 3 Position Regulator in Forward Position

9-Full Power in Reverse – 1250 Nm max.

10-Well Balanced

11- Insulating Rubber Areas on Handle

12-A Silencing Exhaust Hose can be Attached


Drive : 1/2″
Torque: 1250 Reverse – 900 Forward
Speed: 8200
Weight:  2.0 kg
Inner Hose Dia: 8mm
Dimensions: 194 x 188 x 70 mm
Average Air Consumption: 245 l/min
Air Inlet:  1/4″
Noise:  93.0 dBA
Vibration:  9.2