Tyre Gauge / Inflator Lever Type


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Tyre Gauge / Inflator Lever Type
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Product Description

Tyre Gauge / Inflator Lever Type

This series of type 25/G inflating guns is the fruit of ergonomic research to improve their grip and handling making them more versatile and much easier to use. The 25/G version has an aluminium alloy body with an anti-oil rubber casing, which offers overall protection for the gun, especially the gauge, against accidental knocks and blows. These guns are ideal for the professional user, for inflating all types of tyres. Available with a  gauge diameter of 60mm.  EEC verified with certificates of approval which conform to the EC Directive. Calibrated 0 -10 bar. The guns are supplied with rubber hoses with simple connectors or heads for double wheels.

Technical Characteristics;
Nickel-plated aluminium body
Anti-oil rubber casing.
Protected against pressure fluctuation.
Two-position inflate/deflate lever.
25/W clip on connector.