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Much More Air For Your Money :

Fini’s engineers have significantly increased the Performance of the new K-Mid and Max range. This impressive task has been achieved through the air-end optimisation and the introduction of direct drive instead of belts. The elimination of drive belts reduces the frictional losses incurred by the belts and therefore saves on average 4.5% on power.

When you install one of the Fini “K” range of air compressors, you are in possession of pure Direct Drive technology for High Performance, Excellent Efficiency, Intelligent Microprocessor Control and compact space saving design.

Air-End Manufactured in Europe

The high performance Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air-ends are designed, machined, assembled and tested at the modern purpose built facility in Bologna Italy. Fini Compressors can boast more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing of air-ends: a guarantee of consistent reliability and efficiency.

Gearless Direct Drive Transmission

The drive between the air-end and electric motor is carried out by means of a gearless, direct connection. This form of Power Transmission can save up to 4% in energy costs over a belt driven compressor. Having no need for a flexible coupling between motor and pump increases maximum reliability and efficiency.

Compact, Quiet and Modular

The Fini K-Mid and Max series, from 7.5 to 15 kW (10 to 20 HP) is available in a variety of configurations to suit your exact requirements starting with the standard base mounted version. The range can also be selected with a 270/500 litre air receiver, with or without refrigerated dryer and is also available with Variable Speed Drive (VSD). The balanced dimensions of the whole machine are extremely compact.

Electronic Controller

Controller with multi-function backlight LCD graphic display, the menu is drop down type. In the main screen are displayed:

– Working pressure (offload and load/pressure);

– Temperature;

– Compressor status (stand-by, offload, load);

– Fan status (off or on);

– Date and time;

– Hours remaining for maintenance schedule;

– Percentage inverter use.

Master- Slave Function

It is possible to connect up to 4 compressors with this system for you to manage distribution of the workload equally.

Expansion Cards For Future Options

USB module: USB communication client.

Can module: CAN-bus communication.

GSM module: GSM module for remote assistance.

Bluetooth module (connection with PC, Smartphone, tablet, etc.) … (for connection between neighbouring compressors).

R.O.T. Energy Plus Lubricant

K-Max models come ready to use and are filled with R.O.T. Energy Plus cooling lubricant with a synthetic base. R.O.T. Energy Plus separates quickly from water, reduces friction and energy consumption. Extends maintenance intervals and guarantees excellent bearing lubrication, providing great protection against rust and corrosion. It’s also available for food grade applications.

Cooling System

A centrifugal fan allows for optimal cooling air flow through an oversized heat exchanger. The fan operation is controlled by a thermostat in the compressor cabinet (reducing the noise level).

Heat Recovery Option

It is possible to recover the heat from the combined cooler without using  fan extraction simply by using a duct.

Oil and Oil-Separator Filters

Oil and oil-separator filters are Spin-On type and are easily accessible from the front panel of the compressor, as are all other components for easy maintenance. Oil piping is made of rubber hoses with steel mesh cover, to give maximum oil resistance at high temperatures.

Built-In Dryer

The K-MAX range is available with customised dryer, including automatic condensate drain; a great space-saving idea.

Air Cooling Filtering Panel      11 – 15 kW K- Max Models

The intake air is filtered by a special panel located on the left side of the machine to ensure pre-cleaning and reduce maintenance, thereby increasing the life of the actual intake filter life by 15%.

Easy Handling and Maintenance

All air receivers are equipped with anti-tip brackets for safe handling with the use of a transpallet. The air tanks have the drain cock in an accessible position for you to drain easily.

Energy Efficiency

All Fini K-Mid and Max models are also available with Variable Speed Control; this enables the compressor to adapt to the flow rate demanded by your production.

The electronic controller monitors and controls the air-end speed, modulating the air compression in order to keep constant pressure in your working network. This is particularly suitable for your company if you  use compressed air with changing demands: the variable frequency drive allows the air compressor to adjust the flow rate to your actual demand.

The immediate advantage of this feature is the reduced power consumption which will both match your actual compressed air demand and the minimum wear of it’s mechanical components.

This is what Compressed Air Centre is all about; SERVICE to YOU, our CUSTOMER.

It’s all we do because it’s all we know.

In most industries, industrial compressed air requirements are met by rotary screw compressors and are slowly gaining ground in small to medium workshop applications. Fini screw compressors with their Italian engineered rotor air-ends reflect this emerging trend. Thousands of these economical and reliable air compressors are currently in service throughout Europe.

In addition to the rotary screw’s outstanding performance, you as an air compressor user benefit from Compressed Air Centre (CAC) stocking all service parts combined with low operating costs of the compressor.

Irish industry that uses compressed air rightly expects instant service and efficiency from their supplier. Not only do we give you more compressed air for less power, but we also give you service with exceptional flexibility and we are also  environmentally responsive to your growing energy changes.

Fini’s range of oil-injected rotary screw compressors are among the leaders in the Irish market thanks to their outstanding performance over the last 30 years. Fini compressors are built to perform even in the most demanding of working environments and they will keep your production running smoothly for many years.

The Fini range of air compressors are designed manufactured and tested in the harshest working conditions. This explains why they give a long and trouble-free life for the lowest operating costs.

Fini compressors are fitted and equipped with the latest generation of European innovative compressed air equipment. Its low noise operation eliminates the need for a separate compressor room. All Fini compressors are tested and delivered ready for immediate use.

* Our superb air-line systems combined with our vast knowledge of industry’s needs will significantly reduce energy costs during the long lifecycle of your air compressor.

* Fini compressors offer the choice of integrated dryer and filters to protect your compressed air systems + equipment.

* High quality air protects the life of your equipment, giving you efficiency and ensuring quality and integrity in your final product.

* Fini Air Compressors and Compressed Air Centre Ltd combine to deliver quality compressed air and we take total responsibility for supplying all of your needs, from installation in your compressor room or station to point of use.

* You can choose from our wide range of products that will enable you to create a complete compressed air system made to your unique requirements.

*Compressed Air Centre Ltd will take full responsibility for your compressed air systems with all necessary guarantees.  This can only be delivered to you by a 100% Irish company with vast experience in serving Irish industry and services for over 30 years.

* Fini Rotary Screw air compressors offer you one of the most reliable workshop compressors ever introduced into Ireland. This machine is ready to supply high quality air; it is a ready–to-go unit requiring only the minimum of installation.

* We ensure your Fini compressor system is not only economically priced but that you have the same gold standard equipment used in all the elite companies in the world.


Should you wish to avoid the need for an expensive compressor room and the extra pipework that goes with it, you can bring the Fini screw compressor nearer your point of use. This also ensures you can reclaim up to 95% of the heat produced by a 20 HP compressor (14 Kw’s of heat) which may be used as space heating. Because of the low noise level, you might want to site the Fini Rotary Compressor in a store to give some background heat. 14 Kw’s of heat means 14 Kw’s less heat to pay for!

We can supply ALL the products necessary to ensure you comply with your local authorities environmental requirements including the ‘leak free’ Teseo air-line system used by McLarens, Lotus, Smurfit, Rolex, all companies dedicated to protecting our environment. This system is now available to you here in Ireland.

A world class compressed air system reduces the risk of corrosion and leaks in your business. Even a small air leak can add hundreds (even thousands) to your energy bill annually.

High quality air lessens the risk of corrosion in your business which in turn increases the life span of your air tools and other equipment. Properly treated compressed air eliminates moisture, aerosols, dirt particles and enhances your air system preventing unwanted contaminates entering your end product or service. Installing air driers and filters reduces maintenance costs and therefore easily justifies air treatment at source.

Prevention is miles better than the cure!!

We stock a vast range of service parts and ancillary equipment to ensure we cover every product you source from us. This is how we have made our name with thousands of our Irish customers over the years.

All parts are guaranteed genuine Fini parts assuring of quality and longevity. The lubricants we use have been tried and tested over many years by Fini, enabling a Fini air-end to run (under test conditions) up to ten times the life of its warranty.

You’re Service Options

We can offer you a Total Responsibility Maintenance plan, a normal service scheduling contract or long term rental where we accept total responsibility for all maintenance costs. Please enquire.

Check Your Compressed Air System Online

The ETIV electronic controller can be connected to a remote PC allowing you to monitor the performance of your Fini Air Compressor at any time from your desk.

This is what Compressed Air Centre is all about; SERVICE to you, our CUSTOMER, this is what we do because it’s everything we know.