Spray Gun ANI 150 S HPS 1/4M




Painstaking care to detail, meticulous testing of each spray gun and the latest production technology, the ANI F150 HPS Model gives you a perfectly balanced quality/price ratio. The protective PTFE handle, together with all the components being produced using only the highest quality materials (stainless steel, PTFE, aluminium), guarantee you an extremely long product life.

The HPS system is a new highly efficient atomisation action developed by A.N.I. of Italy.

The efficiency of this gun is superior to the HVLP system; which means there are many advantages for you when using this spray gun. The first being that it is easy for you to use: with the HPS system you can work at various pressures and so it is therefore perfectly adaptable to different types of paint products or pressures and to your usual working  habits; in other words; allowing for its superior spraying qualities, it handles just like a traditional powerful spray gun.


Available versions

ANI 150 S HVLP 1/4 M: low pressure system with transfer efficiency greater than 65%

ANI 150 S  HPS 1/4 M: conventional spray gun

HPS Spray Gun AH141127

HPS Spray Gun AH141125

HPS Spray Gun AH141124