Spray Gun F150 S HPS 1/4M


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Spray Gun AH141424  1.4   0.735 KG
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The ANI 150 series of spray guns have been designed for Full Professional use.

Being lightweight and ergonomic, the ANI 150 guns are suitable for prolonged use without tiring the operator.

The high performance plus easiness of work simplify all painting operations.

The quality of the materials, the high-precision machine tools used in their construction, together with the severest of checks made on each individual spray gun, make this product the top in professional painting.


Technical Characteristics

Needle and nozzle in stainless steel

Internal Maintenance-free Teflon gaskets

Body treated in forged aluminium alloy

Grip made of aluminium alloy with heat insulation

Suitable adjustments also for left-handed operators

Cup in nylon with drip-saver system and paint filter

Internally treated specifically for use with water based paints


Available versions

ANI F 150 S HVLP 1/4 M: low pressure system with transfer efficiency greater than 65%

ANI F 150 S  HPS 1/4 M: conventional spray gun