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The Laboratory + Dental Range

Are You Looking For A Specific Compressor Made Especially For Your Dental Equipment or Laboratory?

Look No Further; MedicAir oil-free and carbon free compressors have done exactly that for more than half a century, they have been developed specifically for the dental field.

They have been designed to give you the best performance, trouble-free operation, long life and, of course, oil-free, dry, hygienically compressed air. All of this is absolutely necessary for you or your dental technician when using compressed air in or near your client’s mouth. Our compressors have been made to meet these expectations through constant attention to innovative design by an exceptional technical Italian team of engineers.

Oil removing filters are not practical because they are never replaced often enough, which leads to spraying of toxic lubricants into a patient’s mouth.  This is obviously undesirable and unethical.

Fini MedicAir oil free compressors use a special material invented in Germany which is maintenance free, convenient and safe.

Manufactured specifically for dental surgeries, orthodontic laboratories and other medical requirements, these compressors are designed with the health of the patient and the safeguard of the highest hygienic standards in mind.

MedicAir compressors are available in different configurations:

– Dr. SONIC series:

The lowest noise ratio (dB(A) vs HP) on the market  because of a special shroud filled with soundproofing material while using an internal cooling fan. These models can be equipped with the exclusive double or single-tower adsorption dryer and are especially suitable to be placed close to the practice area, where the noise level must be kept at a minimum.

– MED series:

Made with the same high-quality components of the Dr Sonic Range but without the shroud. MED compressors have been designed for modular applications, in order to be quality “entry-level” for those dentists who want to add a dryer at a later stage. Both Dr. SONIC and MED compressors are extremely compact (they need less than 0,6 m2 of your floor) and both are equipped as standard with the “secure starting” electrical system, which allows the compressor to restart instantly even after a power failure.

1- Oil free

2- Moisture free (if dryer fitted)

3- Odour free

4- Trouble free (3 year warranty)

5- Noise free (Dr Sonic models only)

6- Carbon free

7- Rust free (air receiver/tank anti-oxidant coated)

8- Vibration free

9- Infection free

10- Eclectically trouble free (thermal cut-out with manual reset)

 Additional Features;

  • High capacity cooling fan
  • Thermostatic control
  • Special aluminium pistons
  • Cylinders have special anti-friction treatment
  • Oil-less big bearings
  • Carrying handles on tank
  • Easily accessible condensate drain valve with hose
  • Triple anti-vibration system: under motor, tank, base-plate (Only on models equipped with base-plate)

Why Dry Air?

A dryer is an essential piece of equipment for your surgery.

The ambient air contains humidity and impurities which must be duly treated in order to guarantee clean, dry pure air to your patients and to

avoid the risk of corrosion and oxidation to your expensive dental instruments connected to the compressor.

• No oxidation and corrosion;

• Highest quality air for patients, instruments and equipment;

• Compactness;

• Fully automatic

• Easy maintenance;

• Low operative costs;

• Ambient (normal) air enter the compressor through the air inlet filter;

• Air is compressed and driven to the cooler;

• The clean, dry and oil-free compressed air is stored in your air receiver which is treated with an internal anti-corrosion coating.

After the compressor shuts down the desiccant is automatically regenerated (dried) by dry air.