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Safety Air Blow Gun
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All brass internal components assure rust free operation.

Venturi holes increase air volume and allow air to escape if nozzle is dead-ended, thus allowing less that 30 PSI through the nozzle, preventing a build up of back pressure.

Self-Lubricating O-Rings prevent valve leakage, making blow gun repairs unnecessary.

Body: Die cast zinc and chrome plated

Internal components: Brass

Nozzle: Brass

Decibel: 97

Thumb Grip: Vinyl

Important Safety Tips for Your Company

If you are using compressed air blow guns for blowing away debris etc. the following information may be useful to you:

There is some confusion about how safety procedures with blow guns should be applied. The only information readily available comes from the USA which broadly goes as follows;
A tamper-proof pre-set regulator fitted before the blow gun and set at 2 BAR (30 PSI) is a value which has long been recommended by the American OSHA body.
Generally in Ireland, blow guns are used within pressure ranges of 5 to 10 bar (70 to 145 PSI).
So; to achieve the suggested USA pressure of 2 BAR, while maintaining effective cleaning power, your blow guns should have a Safety Nozzle with Venturi holes in it;
This addition to your blow gun allows you to work normally while still allowing air to escape if the nozzle is “dead ended” i.e. if someone accidentally places the blow gun directly onto the skin.
To help you meet these requirements, we recommend the blow gun model ASG-1.
Should this blow gun still not meet your needs we recommend you fit a Booster Nozzle(Model ST11).
This booster addition to your blow gun increases the air volume while still allowing air to escape if the nozzle is “dead ended”. Both safety nozzles will ensure the maximum pressure reaching the skin,
from a 10 BAR supply source, is reduced to less than 2 BAR (30 PSI).