Dry Energy iTech Air Dryers

Model DEiT 003 DEiT 005 DEiT 007 DEiT 009 DEiT 012
Refrigerant R134a R134a R134a R134a R134a
Air Flow M3/h 18 30 42 54 72
Air Flow CFM 11 18 25 32 42
Pressure 16 16 16 16 16
Power 230/1/50 230/1/50 230/1/50 230/1/50 230/1/50
Ab. Power KW 0.12 0.16 0.18 0.18 0.22
Air Connection 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 1/2” 1/2”
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Product Description


With the introduction of DE-iTECH refrigerant dryer, the new generation of energy-saving dryers, MTA not only improves its product design for your compressed air treatment but also reinterprets the concept of thermal storage operation (thermal mass), which made the MTA dryers an international success.

The new IMPULSE TECHNOLOGY in this range of dryers’ offers important advantages in terms of energy saving, reliability and operating costs. The DE iTECH dryer is able to adapt itself to the real needs of your compressed air system. The new regulating system controls the dryer operation giving you the most energetically effective method of compressed air drying thus achieving high energy savings and ensuring at the same time an excellent dew point stability in all conditions.

Enhanced Energy Savings

New 3-in-1 high efficiency heat exchanger  keeps the pressure drops to a minimum level. Advanced drying capacity control by impulses and by thermal storage ensures a saving of up to 80%  on your energy bills compared with hot gas by-pass dryers (the most basic dryers available). If you are not familiar with this new technology it is similar technology to that which is used in producing “A Rated” white household goods, i.e. ensuring super efficient use of your energy.

Reliable Drying & Separation

The stainless steel demister separator efficiently removes the condensed moisture at all airflow conditions (unlike centrifugal separators).  This ensures you have a high grade of drying at all times.

High Operating Limits

High maximum inlet temperature,

+70 °C (Models, DEiT 018-080)

+60 °C (Models, DEiT 100- 270)

and maximum ambient temperature (+50 °C) guarantees you a fail – safe operation at all times.

High Maximum Operating Pressure

Up to 16 bar.

Easy Installation

Advanced design makes this dryer extremely compact and lightweight. It’s frontal access for all controls and refrigeration components save valuable floor space.

User Friendly

A DE-iTECH dryer automatically adapts itself to any operating condition without you needing to adjust or switch OFF the dryer. User friendly digital control is standard on all the models and shows all the main parameters, providing you with alarms to ensure correct dryer operation.

Energy Saving with Impulse Technology

This revolutionary design matches energy consumption to your workload to achieve energy savings while in use. Because of sensors placed on the refrigeration and on the compressed air circuits, the microprocessor controls the dryer operation giving you the most energetically effective method of compressed air drying.

• For high/medium flows, the dryer applies the Impulse Technology to regulate its drying capacity.

• For low air flows, the dryer utilizes the thermal storage operation.

Impulse Technology for High/Medium Air Flows

The refrigerant compressor is permanently on standby to achieve the perfect control of the dew point. The microprocessor controls through “impulses” the opening and closing of a solenoid valve installed on the suction pipe of the refrigerant compressor. In this way, only a small portion of the nominal refrigerant flows through a by-pass capillary to the compressor. In partial load conditions the compressor compresses less refrigerant than at peak load and therefore it consumes less of your power (refrigerant flow control technology).

Thermal Storage Operation for Low Air Flows

The refrigerant compressor continually cycles ON/OFF for maximum savings and reliability. Since the refrigeration capacity is greater than the load, the excess capacity cools the all-in-one exchanger that acts like a thermal storage unit, i.e. it stores “cold power” for you rather than being wasted to atmosphere.

Reliable Operation

The simple refrigeration circuit, minus the hot gas by-pass valve, combined with the careful selection of the materials and components will give you a trouble free service life. The condenser coil is generously sized to maintain efficiency in all environments, even at high ambient temperatures.

Easy Serviceability

The Removable front panel assures easy access to the main refrigeration components, thus facilitating maintenance if ever required, even with the dryer ON. There is no need for seasonal adjustments (unlike hot gas by-pass dryers). Condenser filters are standard (DEiT 100–270) for prevent mechanical equipment being  blocked by debris.

Guaranteed Quality

All models are individually tested including:

1-Refrigerant charge,

2-Leakage control,


4-Safety device,

5-Setting verification.

Leading brand components are used throughout, ensuring you long term reliability.

Respect of Environment

DE iTECH’s energy savings coupled with R134a and R404A (non ozone depleting refrigerants), reduce the environment impact and minimise the energy waste. Recyclable and high quality materials ensure respect for the environment and reducing carbon footprint.

Robust Design

This is made possible by using a Heavy duty structure with panels protected by an epoxy polyester powder coating. Electrical panel (DEiT 100 – 270) is IP54 compliant with EN 60204-1 and tested for electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with applicable EMC standards. Phase monitor standard DEiT 165 – 270.

Energy Saving Comparison

Normally a refrigeration dryer is sized to reach its nominal performance even in the most extreme conditions. In reality, these conditions are rarely achieved and the dryer works at partial load for most of its operating life. This is due to both the high variability of the compressed air flow of industrial plants and the average operating temperature normally lower than the temperature used to select the dryer itself. Only a dryer capable of adapting its working cycle to your particular real working conditions can provide real energy savings.

Hot Gas By-pass Valve (HGBV)

Most other brands of dryers work with the refrigerant compressor continuously running independently of your air requirements, using a by-pass valve to control evaporating pressure. Energy consumption remains almost constant even when you are nor using compressed air!!

Impulse Technology (iTECH)

Impulse Technology combines the technologies of regulation by impulses of the refrigerant flow (cooling capacity control for medium/high compressed air flow) and thermal storage effect (low compressed air flow) to produce maximum energy savings and the lowest dew point.

Energy Saving Calculations

Productivity Savings

Compressed air networks rarely operate at full load. Air compressors typically run at 70% – 80% of capacity for the average 8/10 hour day. This decreases if you operate second and third shifts or because of variable process demands as well as seasonal fluctuations in temperature. DE iTECH saves you energy across the full load spectrum and maximizes the bottom line energy savings.

Cost Saving Example

The chart below shows a comparison between a DE iTECH 230 (23 m³/min) and a dryer which uses hot gas by-pass control. The DE iTECH 230 ensures an annual energy saving of 8103 kWh corresponding to a cost saving of €1620 and a reduction on annual CO² emissions of 2334 kg.

6000 hours/year. Load profile: for 4800 h/year, load = 80%; for 1200 h/year, load = 30%. Energy costs =€ 0.20 €/ kWh (Airtricity rate ex vat  Nov 2013).

How It Works

Hot moist compressed air enters the Air-to-Air heat exchanger (1) where it is pre-cooled by the dry air leaving the dryer. The refrigerant compressor (3) compresses the refrigerant gas and push it through the condenser (4) where it is condensed in high pressure liquid.

The refrigerant liquid then passes through a capillary (5) that meters it into the evaporator (2) as a low pressure liquid. The microprocessor adapts the working cycle to the real working conditions by controlling through “impulses” the opening and closing of the solenoid valve (6). In partial load conditions only a small portion of the refrigerant flows through the by-pass capillary (7) to the compressor that therefore consumes less energy.

The pre-cooled air enters the evaporator (2) where it is cooled to the required dew point by the incoming refrigerant liquid that changes phase and becomes a low pressure gas suitable to continue the process as it returns to the suction side of the refrigerant compressor (3). The exiting cold dry compressed air then returns to the Air-to-Air heat exchanger (1) where it is reheated by the incoming air, to prevent sweating in your plant.

Low Pressure Drops Savings

The pressure drops generated by a refrigerant dryers an extra load that must be overcome by the compressed air compressor to ensure the pressure level required. DE iTECH dryers are designed and optimized from the fluid dynamics point of view to keep the pressure drops to a minimum. The graph represents the increase in power consumption (kWh per year) of a screw compressors 132 kW caused by the pressure drops (6000 working hours per year).