DryXtreme – NA – Heatless Adsorption Type Dryer

Model NA012 NA018 NA025 NA030 NA046 NA077 NA107 NA135 NA165 NA196
Air Flow M3/min 7.3 10.9 14.6 18.2 27.4 45.6 63.8 82.1 100.2 118.5
Air Flow CFM 4.3 6.4 8.5 10.6 16.2 27 37 48 59 70
Connection 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8″ 3/8″ 3/8” 3/8” 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″
Height mm  445 504 565 635 815 1065 1460 652 752 852
Width mm 281 281 281 281 281 281 281 520 520 520
Depth mm 92 92 92 92 92 92 92 164 164 164
Weight kg 13 14 15 16.5 19.5 24 31 53 59 64
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Product Description

DryXtreme  NA (Heatless Adsorption Dryers)

Pressure range; 0.12 to 1.97 m3/min (42cfm to 70cfm).

Purify your compressed air and increase your efficiency.

These driers are suited to numerous applications; each dryer is accurately tested for the efficient removal of impurities within compressed air, this offers you numerous important benefits by genuinely reducing operating costs and optimising your entire process.

Although MTA filtration facilitates the removal of dirt and oil, condensate/moisture removal requires the use of a dryer. DryXtreme adsorption dryers offer pressure dew points down to -40 °C or even -70 °C, allowing your numerous critical applications to function accurately and efficiently. All this within an advanced yet easy to use package.

All MTA air dryers are CE marked and PED approved. They also have the ability to operate at 50/60Hz AC and DC voltages and give you the choice of -40 °C to -70 °C dew points. The flexible pre-filter options ensure DryXtreme covers all your individual needs.

Guaranteed Performance

DryXtreme is born from over 30 years drying experience within MTA, with each and every dryer being quality and performance tested before leaving the factory. The advanced yet reliable design ensures guaranteed high performance in all conditions and applications.

Advanced Control

The reliable controller manages and monitors dryer operation, and supplies you with updated information as to unit operation and maintenance needs.

Flexibility with Installation

Easy to use & install

The compact housing can be installed vertically or horizontally.

The complete range can be wall mounted and offers 3 inlet and outlet ports which can also be inverted to suit your compressor room/site. The silencer allows installation close to personnel.

Includes internal 1 micron post-filter eliminating the need to install one downstream.

DryXtreme Applications

Packaging, bottling, power stations,

Paint spraying, dentistry, laboratories,

Instrumentation & measurement equipment,

Conveyors, CNC machines, pharmaceutical,

Automotive, lasers, sprinkler systems,

and most other general industrial applications.

Reduced Purge Losses

Generous dryer sizing reduces purge losses, with an interchangeable purge plug allowing personalization to the exact operating conditions, avoiding unneeded energy wastages.

Reduced Filter Drain Losses

An integral electronic drain allows the pre-filter to be synchronised to the dryer operation, this means you minimise unwanted compressed air wastages.

Remote Management & Energy Saving Software

Optional software allows direct connection to a PC, offering remote visualization of all operating parameters and full programming according to your individual application needs. The software’s Energy Management function allows dryer operation to be directly synchronised to the air compressor’s operation, offering you notable energy savings, especially in discontinuous and varying load conditions.

How DryXtreme Works

The air first passes through a pre-filter and then into the dryer’s inlet valve.  It is guided to one of the 2 vessels (towers), as defined by the controller. On passing through vessel no. 1 the air is dried to the required dew point by a high performance molecular desiccant bed. It then passes through the “one micron” dust filter and exits the dryer through the dryer’s outlet valve. Simultaneously tower no. 2 passes through a process of depressurisation, regeneration, (drying) and re-pressurisation.

The regeneration is performed using a small amount of dry (purge) air, which removes condensate from the saturated desiccant bed as it passes across it, and is then silently dispersed to atmosphere through the silencer. When vessel 1 is saturated the air flow switches to vessel 2 and the process is inversed.

MTA DryXtreme – The Perfect Partner for Your Application

Easy to Service

The controller signals when servicing is needed and just 2 kits cover all your servicing needs, this simplifies logistics. The easily removable front panel and the ability to service the unit without disturbing the pipework and installed desiccant cartridge allows for rapid servicing.

Desiccant Cartridge

The desiccant cartridge, with integrated post-filter, allows simple, quick and clean servicing. The spring loading ensures perfect desiccant packing and eliminates erosion. The see-through cartridge housing allows you to view verification of the correct dryer operation.

Robust and Reliable

The highly reliable multifunction “valve block” combines a shuttle valve, purge valve and two exhaust valves. The aluminium vessels feature a corrosion protected coating for increased longevity. The controller ensures trouble free operation.


• Wall mounting kit (NA012-107).

• Floor mounting kit.

• Remote PC connected supervision software with integrated Energy

Management System

  • Breathing air and medical air packages for specific applications.
  • Pre-filtration kit.
  • Cooling, conditioning, purifying.


Pressure Dew Point °C      -40       -70

Correction Factor K3           1          0,7